KeepCalling and the big 20

June 1st, 2002 marked the beginning of a small American business, built with $100, tenacity, and ambitions. It was a one-man show at first and there was only one website:, which sold phone card PINs for international calls to Romania. Soon, two friends joined the team, and in 2003 the first [...]

KeepCalling has acquired

KeepCalling announces the acquisition of, an online distributor of prepaid calling cards, based in California, USA. This acquisition represents an important step in KeepCalling’s strategic expansion plan for the current year. This move has been made with the purpose to further expand the company both in terms of [...]

20 years, 1 President, 10 Questions with Florin Miron

In a few words, Florin's story is that of an expat turned into an entrepreneur serving expats. In the early 2000s he was living in the United States, trying to keep in touch with his loved ones back home in Romania, when he realized he could help other expats like him call home and [...]

Meet Shaun, our first KeepCaller in India

In 2020, when the pandemic was in full swing, KeepCalling decided to continue its expansion and lay the foundation for a new office in Asia. In India, to be more exact. The work from home system we developed due to the pandemic made us realize we could start a local presence without an actual physical office. [...]

KeepCalling turns 19

June 1st marked KeepCalling’s 19th anniversary. We’ve been around for a while, we’ve seen things, we’ve tested things, we’ve gained experience. And every day KeepCalling helps more and more people stay connected to their loved ones, wherever they may be in the world, through high-quality and accessible telecom solutions [...]