Looking Back: A 2023 Recap

As a new year unfolds before us, we think about all the opportunities we'll meet along the way, about the challenger that will make us stronger, and about the changes we'll go through that will leave us bigger, better and more experienced. But we also think about the year that just passed, that started with the same questions and ended with [...]

A day in the life of an HR Specialist

Curious to find out what the daily life of an HR professional looks like? Meet Anda, HR Specialist at KeepCalling! Anda is in charge with everything HR around here, so her days are spiced up with a wide variety of tasks. And her personal life is just as busy. Always on the go, she also always [...]

Celebrating excellence: Customer Service Week 2023

The week of October 2nd is highly anticipated by Customer Service representatives around the world because this is when everybody celebrates CS Week. From October 2nd to October 6th, this annual event promises a week filled with appreciation, engagement, and empowerment, all centered around [...]

A day in the life of a Customer Support Representative

Curious to find out what the daily life of a Customer Support Supervisor looks like? Meet Oana, Customer Support Assistant at KeepCalling! Oana is in charge with a variety of online and offline tasks in her daily work, highlighting the fact that a CS rep's job is anything but boring! In addition to [...]

5 KeepCallers share their KC Story

In any organization, the people who work there are what make it truly special. While we may know our colleagues by name and title, we may not always be aware of the unique experiences and journeys that brought them to where they are today. So, we've asked around and gathered 5 of the most [...]

1 KeepCaller, 10 Questions with AT, our CFO

Abdul Tawab Molvi, or AT as he is known around here, is the first KeepCalling employee. The company's founder, Florin Miron, enlisted the help of his financial expert friend AT for his budding business. He is KeepCalling's CFO (Chief Financial Officer), but he prefers to be the CFO as in Chief Figure it Out, as he [...]

A day in the life of a Marketing Specialist

Curious to find out what the daily life of a Marketing Specialist looks like? Meet Claudia, KeepCalling's Mobile Recharge team leader! Claudia is in charge of growing our Mobile Recharge product across different markets. She's been with us since 2013, so she's a seasoned Marketing Specialist in love with her work. Here is what her [...]

1 KeepCaller, 10 Questions with Patrick, our Customer Support Manager

Patrick is one of the oldest KeepCalling employees. He's been with us since 2009, through changes, upgrades, and growth. He is an Irishman who moved to Bolivia and joined our office in Cochabamba. He quickly became the pillar of our Customer Support activity and has continued to be that ever since. [...]

KeepCalling and the big 20

June 1st, 2002 marked the beginning of a small American business, built with $100, tenacity, and ambitions. It was a one-man show at first and there was only one website:, which sold phone card PINs for international calls to Romania. Soon, two friends joined the team, and in 2003 the first [...]

KeepCalling has acquired

KeepCalling announces the acquisition of, an online distributor of prepaid calling cards, based in California, USA. This acquisition represents an important step in KeepCalling’s strategic expansion plan for the current year. This move has been made with the purpose to further expand the company both in terms of [...]

20 years, 1 President, 10 Questions with Florin Miron

In a few words, Florin's story is that of an expat turned into an entrepreneur serving expats. In the early 2000s he was living in the United States, trying to keep in touch with his loved ones back home in Romania, when he realized he could help other expats like him call home and [...]