ULBS Partnership

The partnership between ULBS and KeepCalling started in 2015 and aims to support Marketing students in Sibiu at the beginning of their career.


Marketing specialists are more and more sought after in the digital era. The need for creative people that get along well with Google and Facebook, as well as other social media platforms, grows every day.

KeepCalling has the trained human resource to give something back to the local community in Sibiu, Romania, more specifically to share knowledge and educate the skills of Marketing students.

In 2015, KeepCalling initiated a unique partnership with ‘Lucian Blaga’ University, the local university in Sibiu, Romania, where the company’s main office is located. Wishing to support education in general and the marketing field in particular, KeepCalling paid the tuition fee for 30 first year marketing students.

In the following years and up to the present, the company has continued to cover the tuition fee for a number of Marketing freshmen, while still supporting all older students with a minimum average of 8.

Besides the financial part, KeepCalling has also expanded its partnership with ‘Lucian Blaga’ University by organizing:

  • workshops held by KC specialists;
  • advertising projects that aim to promote local touristic events;
  • presentations and debates.

To KeepCalling, this partnership is both a vote of confidence for the University of Sibiu and an investment in the future of local marketing.

Testimonials from Marketing students

Look around, you’re surrounded by marketing! Promotion, publicity, prices, market studies, sales, everything is marketing. I encourage high school students from all profiles to study marketing because it’s a domain of the future, since any successful company needs at least one specialist in this field.

Giulia ZahariaMarketing, 2nd year

Over the course of my first year of study I had the opportunity to learn many things, to get to know and work with great people, and to live new, useful experiences, both for my future career and for my development as a human being.

Andreea StefanMarketing, 2nd year

KeepCalling’s funding and involvement in shaping my career was the essential factor that motivated me to join this class. The partnerships between the university and the business environment give us a sense of security and of trust that we’re taking the right steps that will lead us to the career we want.

Elena-Larisa PatrutMarketing, 2nd year

I chose the Marketing class dreaming of a career that could be developed in any industry. My first year of university already fulfilled my desire to expand my knowledge in the economics field and to openly interact with people, listening to their needs and offering them the best solution.

Denisa AntonieMarketing, 2nd year