Make the Entire Summer Feel Like a Vacation

Summer is the season of sunshine, relaxation, and adventure. But what if you could make every day of summer feel like a vacation? With a little creativity and planning, you can transform your everyday routine into an endless holiday. Here’s how to infuse your summer with vacation vibes from start to finish. […]

KeepCalling celebrates its 22nd anniversary

On June 1st, KeepCalling turned 22! For the last 22 years KeepCalling has been providing telecommunications services worldwide, catering to hundreds of thousands of customers each month. Over the years, our mission has remained the same: bringing people closer together by offering them […]

Building Confidence in Your Career: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Ever feel like you’re faking it, even when you’ve achieved success? You’re not alone. Imposter syndrome affects many of us, causing self-doubt and a nagging fear of being exposed as a fraud. Imposter syndrome, a phenomenon characterized by persistent feelings of self-doubt despite evident success,[…]

Top 10 Skills Every Professional Should Develop

In today’s fast-paced and competitive work environment, possessing the right skills is essential for success. Whether you’re just starting your career or aiming for a promotion, honing these key skills can give you a significant edge and help you thrive in any role. Here are the top 10 skills that […]

10 Books That Make You the Smartest Person in the Room

In a world overflowing with information, finding the right books can be the key to unlocking your intellectual potential and expanding your knowledge. Whether you’re looking to impress at your next social gathering or simply eager to deepen your understanding of the world, the following […]

Tips for Avoiding Burnout: Maintaining Balance in Work and Life

In today’s busy world, burnout is a common challenge faced by many. It can leave us feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, impacting both our work and personal lives. However, with some practical strategies and a focus on self-care, we can steer clear of burnout and maintain a healthy balance. […]

Tips and Tricks to Get Ahead in Your Career

In the ever-evolving landscape of the professional world, staying ahead in your career requires a proactive approach and a willingness to adapt. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to climb the corporate ladder, here are some valuable tips and tricks to help you navigate […]

Looking Back: A 2023 Recap

As a new year unfolds before us, we think about all the opportunities we’ll meet along the way, about the challenger that will make us stronger, and about the changes we’ll go through that will leave us bigger, better and more experienced. But we also think about the year that just passed, that started with the same questions and ended with […]

9 ways you can celebrate Christmas all year long

Christmas is the most popular holiday on the planet, both children and adults are fascinated by it and look forward to it for 362 days a year. Because it only lasts for 3 days. And while it may seem crazy to have a Christmas tree in your living room all year long or to wear your ugly Christmas sweater in June […]

Stress reduction strategies for a productive workday

In the fast-paced and demanding world of work, stress has become an almost unavoidable aspect of our daily lives. The pressure to meet deadlines, handle responsibilities, and navigate the challenges of the modern workplace can take a toll on both our physical and mental well-being. […]