7 magical tips to start the year off right

January, the sweet magic of a new beginning. There are few more prominent beginnings than a New Year. 365 blank pages ahead of us, waiting to be written and continue our life story. Hopes, dreams, plans, resolutions. We’re here to help set you up for success with these tips to start the year off right. Are you ready? […]

10 best free online marketing courses & certifications

Since we here at KeepCalling are addicted to marketing theories and practices, we wanted to continue the series of articles dedicated to marketing junkies like us by presenting you the best free online marketing courses and certifications that you can get… for free!  

If you want […]

10 best job interview tips to help you land your dream job

You’ve been looking for a job for quite some time and you finally got your big break: a first interview! You’re super excited and you want to do everything you can to make a good impression and get closer to landing the job. We’ve been in your shoes and know just what it feels like. […]

Meet Shaun, our first KeepCaller in India

In 2020, when the pandemic was in full swing, KeepCalling decided to continue its expansion and lay the foundation for a new office in Asia. In India, to be more exact. The work from home system we developed due to the pandemic made us realize we could start a local presence without an actual physical office. […]

8 fun ways to boost your happiness at work

8 hours for work, 8 hours for sleep, and 8 hours for entertainment, isn’t this what they say? Well, that’s not exactly true. Let’s face it, most of us work a tad more than the 8 hour norm and the commute or the chores we have to do every day can’t really be called “entertainment”. […]

Everything about the hiring process at KeepCalling

Here at KeepCalling we’re always looking to expand our team because we constantly have open positions in some (if not all) of our locations: Romania (Sibiu), Bolivia (Cochabamba), US (Atlanta), and India (Kottayam). Since our teams are so diverse, we are usually looking for new employees from all kinds of fields: IT, Marketing, Finance […]

Get to know KeepCalling’s IT Team!

IT is one of the largest fields on the labor market nowadays and it’s changing and expanding constantly. It both drives and keeps up with technological innovations. Since it’s a field that is guaranteed to have huge impact in the future as well, more and more people turn to it and still the demand for IT professionals is high. […]

6 online office events you have to try

For many of us, working from home has been an imposed experiment that yielded various types of results. Whether we liked it better than our previous office life or not, we had to adapt and stick to it for a while. This is valid not only for employees, but also for employers. […]

KeepCalling turns 19

June 1st marked KeepCalling’s 19th anniversary. We’ve been around for a while, we’ve seen things, we’ve tested things, we’ve gained experience. And every day KeepCalling helps more and more people stay connected to their loved ones, wherever they may be in the world, through high-quality and accessible telecom solutions […]