7 things that can get you excited at work

When we think about work, we don’t usually associate it with fun, but the surest way to do a good job and live a happy life is to find that kind of work that you enjoy doing and it won’t even feel like work anymore. You can also look for the exciting things in your daily work, focus on them and try to enhance them […]

7 ways great minds think differently

Do you know the saying “Great minds think alike”? What if we told you we came to the conclusion that it’s actually the other way around? Great minds think differently. Highly successful people think differently from us ordinary mortals. They are so successful for a reason: they always […]

A day in the life of a Marketing Specialist

Curious to find out what the daily life of a Marketing Specialist looks like? Meet Claudia, KeepCalling’s Mobile Recharge team leader! Claudia is in charge of growing our Mobile Recharge product across different markets. She’s been with us since 2013, so she’s a seasoned Marketing Specialist in love with her work. Here is what her […]

KeepCalling at the Sibiu Marathon

The Sibiu Marathon is one of the most important sports events organized in Sibiu, the Romanian city where KeepCalling has its main office. It is not only an athletic competition, but also a charitable one, since half of the participation fee is donated to a cause chosen by each participant, out of the […]

KeepCalling and the big 20

June 1st, 2002 marked the beginning of a small American business, built with $100, tenacity, and ambitions. It was a one-man show at first and there was only one website:, which sold phone card PINs for international calls to Romania. Soon, two friends joined the team, and in 2003 the first […]

KeepCalling has acquired

KeepCalling announces the acquisition of, an online distributor of prepaid calling cards, based in California, USA. This acquisition represents an important step in KeepCalling’s strategic expansion plan for the current year. This move has been made with the purpose to further expand the company both in terms of […]

5 secrets that will make you even more likable

We know it, there are lots of people who like you and are happy to have you in their lives. Whether it takes a while for people to get to know you or you’re like an open book, whether you grown on people or they fall in love with you instantly, there’s always room for improvement, right? Most of us […]

How to celebrate April Fools’ Day at the office

April Fools’ Day is not only the funniest day of the year but also THE day when you can (and actually have to) let your humor go wild. Well, not wild in every setting. Crazy pranks are probably not highly appreciated at your workplace, but that doesn’t mean you have to refrain from […]