9 free online self development courses to take in 2021

We can only be students for 20-something years, but we can continue learning for as long as we live. This is actually recommended not just for self development, but also to keep our brains active and avoid memory problems. Lifelong learning also helps us advance in our careers or switch them altogether […]

23 books that changed the world

April 23 is World Book Day, a celebration introduced by UNESCO meant to promote reading and publishing. Book fairs, street festivals, and charity events are common on this day that reminds us how important books have been throughout history and for history, and how important they still are to us […]

9 amazingly helpful FREE mobile apps

Just doing the research for this article has been enlightening! We downloaded a lot of apps that sounded cool and tested them, but only the 9 ones below blew our mind. We can safely say we made some really exciting discoveries and we now have a few brand new favorite apps on our list.[…]

10 Best Marketing Books for All Needs

There are countless marketing books out there that promise to help your business skyrocket, but how do you know which ones are really worth your money (not to mention your time)? We can help with this, since we took a deep hard look at the most famous marketing books out there and handpicked 10 of […]

7 productivity tips that will help you in no time

“Have a productive day!”, “I would like to be more productive”, “We’ve had a productive meeting”… These are all phrases we hear often. Productivity is a treasure for individuals and businesses alike in this day and age. We have so little time and want to accomplish so much. So what is left for us to […]

10 dream jobs you would want to have

What was your dream job when you were little? Was it to be a teacher, an astronaut, a superhero, or a bride? I bet your preferences have changed quite a lot in the meantime. Whether you’re now working at your current dream job or just a job that pays the bills, I also bet you’d […]

Cozy to-do list for this pandemic Christmas

A Christmas like no other in our lifetime is coming. We’ve done our Christmas shopping online, as will be most of our gatherings with friends and family. No caroling, no clinking glasses of eggnog, and no unwrapping presents with everyone. Online gifts are the trend this year, as are zoom meetings.  And you know what […]