This department is the glue that keeps the company together, ensuring that all other teams are collaborating well to achieve KeepCalling’s common goals. Executive sets high level goals and follows through with company’s achievements. Also, the executive department’s goal is to constantly improve existing services and develop new products in order to meet customers’ expectations.


KeepCalling Financial department provides courteous, professional, quality information and services to all KeepCalling team and its customers. This department provides professional management of the company’s financial resources through development of prudent fiscal policies and practices that conform to legal requirements and accepted government and financial management principals.


The Marketing department focuses on how to constantly improve acquisition of new customers and retain existing ones. Marketing primarily promotes its products to immigrant communities in the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and Arabic Countries. This is achieved by creating advertising campaigns, managing marketing programs, monitoring website reports and understanding how they relate to customer needs.


The members of this department manage the infrastructure used in our services and deal with the server computers from our 3 data centers. Network administration and data center operations in cooperation with our hosting companies are two other IT activities. IT also deals with: software developing, maintaining and improving our voice connections with inbound and outbound traffic partners, tools development and system administration.


This is a complex department, in charge of several areas in the company such as Customer Service or Telecom activities. Whether administrative or logistic, its many duties are necessary for an organization’s smooth day-to-day functioning. The Operations department is focused on accomplishing KeepCalling’s mission while facilitating the collaboration between departments.

Employee Testimonials

Working for KeepCalling is in top 5 best experiences I have had in my life so far and definitely number 1 as working experience.


Working for KeepCalling taught me that no dream is impossible if you work hard to make it real. If you have the right kind of help you will accomplish anything you wish for.


I am proud to be a part of KeepCalling. I like the involvement of the executives, managers, supervisors, customer support agents, and beyond!