Celebrate Thanksgiving all year long

Today is Thursday. THAT Thursday. That fourth Thursday in November when Americans start the holiday season with a huge family gathering, a festive dinner, and a healthy ritual of giving thanks for all their blessings. Then they lie on the couch and watch football or parades or old family videos. However, this year is different. […]

10 movie quotes that teach us important life lessons

Everybody likes a good movie. Mainly because watching it helps us unwind, but also because we find out new things. Some of the great masterpieces out there (and even lesser known films) can teach us valuable lessons. Here are 10 lines that inspired us, 10 movie quotes that teach us important life lessons: 1. ‘Don’t […]

7 steps to find your dream job

Ah… that dream job. For most of us, a goal we chase all our career, for some of us a lucky reality. In order to be able to find it, we first need to know what it is and where we can look for it. Whether you’re just at the beginning of your career or […]

The weirdest jobs in the world

Some of us have clean office jobs. Others work nights. Others put their lives at risk whenever they go to work. There are thousands of jobs in the world and it’s quite clear that they are all very different. So, this time we’re looking at the most untraditional jobs out there, the ones that most […]

10 best tech websites for IT enthusiasts

We’re living techy times in a tech world. The tech industry is developing at a fast pace and many of us are interested in keeping up with the changes. Even if they are not directly involved in this field, many people are technology fans and like to stay up to date with the developments. The […]

How the pandemic could change the way we work for ever

2020 is a year none of us will ever forget, no matter our age right now. The coronavirus pandemic is affecting us all in numerous ways. We’ve had to adapt to so many new situations: lockdown, social distancing, economic issues, increased hygiene measures, changes in the way we work, learn, shop, travel, have fun… We’ve […]

The 10 best marketing blogs of the moment

Digital marketing is such a vast field that you can get lost exploring it. It has numerous twists and turns that take you to beautiful places if you can find your way through them. Marketing blogs are great (if not the best) resources to help you find your path through the maze, whether you want […]

The best careers during the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has brought enormous changes to all aspects of our lives, from our personal lives to our jobs and the economy at large. The way we work, how long we work for, and where we work from is now different for many of us. Some even find themselves suddenly without a job and […]