Giving something back to the community is a corporate responsibility that we take very seriously. KeepCalling is more than happy to launch humanitarian projects or subscribe to successful existing ones. In 2008 we launched the first social responsibility project initiative. Since home is always a part of who we are, KeepCalling decided to support organizations which best represent the idea of home and which also provide the best aid to the local communities.

Pay It Forward

March was Pay It Forward month at KeepCalling. Our creative Charity Committee launched a challenge that was embraced by very many of us. Each Charity member selected 3 colleagues they offered a surprise gift, together with the Pay it Forward card. The KeepCallers receiving the card had to pay it forward, by doing something nice […]

KeepGiving – Our own charitable foundation

KeepCalling takes CSR to a whole new level! We have recently launched KeepGiving, our own foundation, focusing on supporting local projects in two of the cities where our offices are located (Atlanta – USA and Sibiu – Romania). Every year, 10% of the company income will be donated to community initiatives centered on education, business […]

Wikipedia Donation

We contribute to Wikipedia as we greatly appreciate the service it offers to worldwide users. Hopefully, thanks to global donations Wikipedia will manage to remain advertising free. 2016 Contribution We couldn’t forget about Wikipedia in 2016 either, so we’ve just made a $3,000 donation to the most popular online encyclopedia in the world. This marks […]

KeepCalling Runs a Charity Marathon in Romania

2015 KeepCalling is getting more athletic by the day. Or more charitable. Or both, since Semimaraton Sibiu promotes running for charitable causes. In 2015, 24 KeepCallers ran the half-marathon and the cross race. The causes KeepCalling employees chose to promote this year ranged from ecological projects, such as tree planting to social projects, raising awareness […]

Charity Testimonials

Thank you from the bottom of our heart for your support! It’s an honor you trust us and an ecouragement to carry on and give children and young people from the Romania countryside a chance to a better life.

World VisionRomania

On behalf of all of our borrowers, thank you for lending on Kiva.


Thank you dear friends from KeepCalling for helping us to build a home and a future full of hope!

Habitat for Humanity