7 Reasons to Live in Cochabamba

Want to know more about a city? Ask its inhabitants, who else?! Or, in our case, ask the KeepCallers. Some of our colleagues from the office in Bolivia shared some thoughts with us about living in the city of Cochabamba.”El corazon de la madre tierra” or “The heart of Bolivia” is the country’s third largest […]

7 Tips to Write a Successful CV

You just started your job hunting and you already started searching for jobs on different platforms. Eventually, you find a job interesting for you and you decide to apply. Great! Still, before actually submitting your resume, take 5 minutes to revise it and look over these tips to write a successful CV, that our HR team came up with, based on their experience.

7 reasons to live in Atlanta

Did you know that Atlanta, or “City in a Forest” is the most heavily forested area in US, covering 47.9% of the city. And also that in terms of the largest concentration of the Fortune 500 companies in the USA, the city of Atlanta ranks third?  We did our research and talked to our colleagues from […]

How our colleague Florin met Sophia, the robot at ITW 2018

Last month, Florin Seiceanu, our Carrier Relations Specialist, attended ITW (International Telecoms Week), the annual meeting for the global wholesale telecoms industry, providing a platform for 6,743 delegates from 1,944 companies and more than 140 countries to meet together and network. He talked to our business partners, met Sophia, so as soon as he came […]

7 Reasons to Live in Sibiu

You will always hear that moving to a new place can be difficult, which may determine you postpone the decision to move miles away from your hometown. Of course people find it hard to move from knowing every street, every light, every back road… to knowing nothing.

Top 5 Body-mind Goodies from Content Marketing World 2017

When you’re an online marketer, conferences and other get togethers are curiosity quenchers. But which event to choose in a sea of offers? This year, Horia Mosneag, Web Content Manager at KeepCalling, picked Content Marketing World 2017 in Cleveland, Ohio. Partly for its huge diversity of topics and high density of tracks. But guess what! That’s also […]