Senior PHP Back-End Developer

If you can master the power of PHP & SQL you belong with our successful IT team.

This position is available at our Sibiu location and also as a REMOTE opportunity.

Here’s what you’ll bring to thе table:

  • 5+ years of experience in developing PHP applications;
  • Object-oriented programming and design understanding;
  • Experience in server-side/back-end software development;
  • Experience with SQL and version control systems (Git);
  • Experience with continuous integration tools (PHPUnit, Jenkins) is a plus;
  • Linux and Networking knowledge is a plus.

Your role will have a huge impact on the success story of our company.

If you’re up for the challenge, you’d bе:

  • Developing and maintaining professional, highly optimized, distributed services;
  • Writing and maintaining PHP production code;
  • Mitigating security risks and fixing bugs to maintain a high quality standard for production services;
  • Using PHP to develop and improve our in-house products and applications: shopping cart engine, VoIP call routing, load balancing, background data processing, connecting to external APIs and developing internal applications;
  • Having a proactive working style and quality-oriented approach.

Our Offer

Attractive compensation package:

  • Fixed salary compensation
  • Annual performance based bonus
  • Maximum value Sodexo meal tickets
  • Extra vacation days offered for seniority in our company

Health and Wellbeing:

  • Gym Discounts and 7Card Partnership
  • Medical Benefits at Polisano for employees and family (children, spouse, parents, siblings)
  • Wellness Program

Personal and professional development:

  • Bookster subscription
  • KC Academy and other training programs
  • National and International Conferences

Who’s KeepCalling?

The answer is simple: an amazing group of people who turned an inspiring story about phone cards, friends & $100 into a worldwide multi-million dollar company. We are friendly, ambitious, dedicated, and above all passionate about what we do.

KeepCalling is now…

One of the leading telecom providers on the market, KeepCalling is a global telecommunications company founded in 2002 in the state of Georgia, USA with offices in the US, Romania, and Bolivia. At the moment, KeepCalling provides telecom services to hundreds of thousands of individual customers and businesses. KeepCalling strives to offer the most accessible and easy to use services on the market, while the main focus of the company remains customer satisfaction.

Company benefits

In addition to our biggest asset, which is the friendly and creative team you’d be joining, here are some other perks that come with a job at KeepCalling:

  • Competitive salary

    that will repay your efforts and professionalism

  • Medical benefits

    that ensure you always stay the best version of yourself

  • Gym discount

    to help you keep in shape on the outside, too

  • Flexible schedule

    for an optimal work-life balance

  • Between 21 – 27 vacation days

    according to seniority in the company + 1 paid day off per year for charity activities, because giving back really matters to us

  • Training opportunities

    so you can stay up to date with the latest trends in your field

  • Company-sponsored events

    ‘cause we love having fun together!

Take a peek inside our Sibiu office