5 APPS to get you organised @work

We all encounter challenges along our way at work and we try our best to keep calm and… find a solution. Time is essential in this context, so if there is anything that can gain us some extra time, bring it on, right? Apps are a great way to better organise your time and be […]

10 Steps to become a better professional

We live our lives at such a fast pace, that we don’t really have time to do things for ourselves. Our professional life makes no exception. When was the last time that you put your very important and urgent tasks on hold and just took the time to study or read something to improve the […]

Bianca’s trip to London & all about digital marketing at HeroConf 2018

The KeepCalling marketing specialist Bianca Chera was in London not such a long time ago, attending Hero Conf, an amazing event about digital marketing. 44 Sessions, 44 Paid Search Experts and 275 Like-Minded Marketers. And, of course, all there is to know about the industry trends. We asked Bianca about her experience and she gladly […]

Have a break, have a team building!

Team buildings… those special moments that everyone in the company is waiting for. What? Never experienced one? Well, for short, a team building is getting together with your team outside work, for some fun activities. Whether you’re doing it for a day or for several days and no matter your position in the company, this […]

5 most demanded jobs nowadays

What did you want to become when you were just a kid? Can you remember? Was it an astronaut, a doctor, a singer? We all had our dreams, some have become reality, some not, but one thing is for sure. Jobs are changing all the time, as the world and its needs are, too. Jobs […]

7 Reasons to Live in Cochabamba

Want to know more about a city? Ask its inhabitants, who else?! Or, in our case, ask the KeepCallers. Some of our colleagues from the office in Bolivia shared some thoughts with us about living in the city of Cochabamba.”El corazon de la madre tierra” or “The heart of Bolivia” is the country’s third largest […]