8 Tips to Boost Your Productivity While Working from Home

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Depending on your preferences, working from home can be a desperate measure or a relief in these confusing times. Whichever category we find ourselves in, we still want to maintain our focus and results, so, we’ve put together a short checklist that will help you stay productive when working […]

The 7 keys to unlocking success in your career

Our career is such a huge part of our life as a whole because we invest so much time and energy into building it. We also spend a great amount of time at our job every day and give our best in everything we do. However, there are several more boxes we need to tick […]

Why you should become an Android Developer

Ever since the first jobs were ever invented, the job market has been changing continuously according to the needs and resources it had to meet. There are professions that have disappeared as technology has advanced and jobs have evolved or people have been replaced by machines. We don’t know many scribes nowadays, do we? Some […]

5 tips for better work-life balance

Work-life balance is an abstract, mythical concept that is defined differently according to each individual. Some of us are workaholics and are happy working long hours and weekends to achieve their professional targets, while others think that even working part-time may be too much and may keep them away from their true life goals. So, […]